Other Bank Services

Free Internet Banking and Bill Pay

Easy, Convenient Access to your Money!

Anytime! Anywhere!

Take advantage of the convenience of Internet banking. With our Internet banking service, you can:

View latest account activity
Transfer funds between accounts
Pay recurring, occasional and one-time bills
Send and receive secure electronic messages concerning your accounts
Download account information directly into Quicken and Microsoft Money
Access convenient user services
Start saving time and money today and sign-up now for Internet banking! It¿s easy, secure, and there¿s no additional software to install on your computer!
Safe Deposit Boxes

Bank safe deposit boxes are available for rent on a yearly basis:

3X5 Box = $12.00 per year
3X10 Box = $25.00 per year
5X10 Box = $28.00 per year
10X10 Box = $35.00 per year

Drilling Safe Deposit Box = $200.00 per box (Maintenance person from Birmingham)

Lost Keys = $25.00 per key
24 Hour Voice Response System
Just call (334) 963-9056
Check Imaging and Rapid Retrieval System
Call Customer Service at 334-963-4343
Your requests for document retrieval can be accomplished in minutes and can even be faxed to you directly.
Financial Counseling
For New Accounts and prospective home owners
Free ACH items
There is no charge to receive deposits and/or drafts directly to your account through the Automated Clearing House system.
Moneywire Fee
Transfer money through our wire transfer services for $15.00 per wire.
Checks Sent for Collection
= $10.00 per item
Collection Items Received
= $5.00 service charge
Replace Lost Savings Record Book
= $5.00 per log
Replace Lost Loan Coupon Book
= $5.00 per book
Indemnity Bonds for Lost Negotiable Instruments
= $25.00
= $ .50 per page
Official Checks
= $2.00 for first $500.00, plus $ .25 per $100.00
Cashing Approved Checks Not Drawn on Our Bank for Non-Deposit Customers
=1.00% of the Check Amount with a $5.00 Minimum
Cashing Government Checks for Non-Deposit Customers
= $2.00 per Check
Cashing Rapid Refund Checks
= 1.0% of Check Amount/Minimum of $20.00
Bond Coupon Collections
= $5.00 plus Related Charges
Check Verification by Phone (long distance)
= $5.00 per call
Providing Change for Non-Deposit Customers
= $10.00 per transaction
Notary Service for Non-Deposit Customers
= $10.00 per transaction
Change Wrappers
= $ .01 per wrapper
Providing Bank Bags for Non-Deposit Customers
= $10.00 per bag
Printing New Checks
= $5.00 for 10 Checks (Existing Accounts)
Credit Card Cash Advance
= $10.00 per advance
Travelers Checks
= $1.00 per hundred
Fax a Document
= $5.00 for first page, $1.00 for each additional page
Bank of Pine Hill Check Card
Use this card instead of checks at stores and retail places. Your funds automatically come out of your checking account. You must apply in person for this card at the bank.

Bank of Pine Hill MasterCard and/or Visa Card
Get the convenience of a credit card right through your own bank. Please pick up an application at the bank for one of these cards.


Bank of Pine Hill, Member FDIC Equal Housing Lender.